Stay updated: Coronavirus guidance for internationals in Stockholm

Stockholm and Sweden have adopted a coronavirus containment strategy that puts a lot of trust in individuals to make responsible choices and keep abreast of official recommendations. Here we bring together some key links.

  • Photo: Tove Freij/
    Photo: Tove Freij/

As a newcomer or someone planning to make the move to Stockholm it is important to be aware that the official coronavirus recommendations, while not legally binding, are intended to be taken very seriously.  

Emergency information from Swedish authorities (Krisinformation)

This is the main source of information that people in Sweden are being asked to refer to. The Krisinformation (crisis information) site is clearly laid out with up-to-date recommendations in English. 

Read more: Krisinformation 

Invest Stockholm

If you are a business owner make sure to check out our article outlining the support available to companies in Stockholm. 

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The Swedish Government 

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak the Swedish government has launched multiple measures aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus and curbing the economic impact. 

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The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten)

The Swedish government has relied heavily on the advice of the Public Health Agency throughout the coronavirus crisis. The agency maintains a comprehensive English-language site featuring the latest recommendations. 

Read more: The Public Health Agency of Sweden

Coronavirus advice in Stockholm in 29 languages 

If English is not necessarily your go-to language, it might be helpful to know that Region Stockholm has made information and advice available in 29 different languages. 

Read more: 11 77 Vårdguiden

National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen)

This is primarily a resource for health care and social workers. However, the National Board of Health and Welfare is also where you should turn if your company can sell much-needed materials and equipment. 

Read more: National Board of Health and Welfare 

Sveriges Television 

Public broadcaster SVT has published an English-language site tracking the spread of Covid-19 in Sweden and the rest of the world. The figures in the top section featuring Sweden are updated regularly every day. 

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Radio Sweden 

The English-language section of Sveriges Radio has a special Covid-19 page linking to all its latest news stories and radio bulletins about the novel coronavirus outbreak in Sweden.

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The Local Sweden

English-language news site The Local Sweden offers a day-by-day summary of the main developments in Sweden. This includes information on case numbers, fatalities, testing capacity, and the latest official recommendations. 

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