Curation throwback: Get out for a swim when working from home in Stockholm!

What do you get when you combine a fintech company, a publishing house and a future prototyper? Answers below!

  • Photo: Henrik Trygg/
    Photo: Henrik Trygg/

Star clients (and starrier dogs)

When payments platform Adyen hosted the Move to Stockholm Twitter account a while back they spoiled us with a healthy dose of team philosophy and dogs. They also wowed us with a client list featuring Facebook, Uber, H&M and Spotify.

Household names for sure, but we're not going to forget Dobby and Sune in a hurry either. 

You know what else we're not going to forget?

Lys Förlag, possibly the most prolific tweeters in the history of this account (the world?). 

We laughed, we cried, we got a whole lot of cultural insights. For the full experience we recommend carving out ten or so hours in your schedule and scrolling back to Sofi's introduction. 

Then let the waves of tweets wash over you 

One particularly enjoyable digression focused on the oh-so-important nuances of laundry room etiquette. 

Otherwise, a central theme for the week was how working from home is, well, pretty pleasant if you have a home in the Swedish countryside. And honestly, who could argue?

And obviously if you're in the countryside you're going to need to be able to use a whittling knife. Even if you're six years old. That's appropriate, ja? Or non? 

Tomorrow never dies 

Next we welcomed the fine prototyping people at Another Tomorrow. 

It's always interesting to get the perspective of people who've moved to Sweden from another country. Take Sokratis here, for example, whose preconceived notions were quickly outflanked by a far more appealing reality. 

It was also fascinating to get an insight into their processes and philosophy over the course of a week, not least in the form of this post offering a counterbalance to Facebook's old "move fast and break things" motto. 

Well worth a read!


We'll be back soon with more Twitter dispatches from the Stockholm creative scene. 

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