Fintech in Stockholm

ranked as the leading Nordic financial center

Second Fintech city in Europe

The year 2014 was a landmark year for investments in Stockholm-based fintech companies. In total 15 fintech deals attracted $266 Million in investments, accounting for a remarkable 18 percent of the total fintech investments across Europe.

Stockholm is ranked as the leading Nordic financial center, with strengths in such areas as innovation, technology, and with the headquarters of four major Nordic banks and the largest stock exchange.

Stockholm’s position is the result of more than 30 years’ experience integrating IT with marketing and new product development operations. There are a number of successful firms that inspire current and future entrepreneurs, while serial entrepreneurs share their expertise and reinvest in new firms. Consumers in Stockholm are early adopters, and multinationals often choose Stockholm as a testing market for the development of new products.

Stockholm’s contribution to EU fintech investment over the past five years represented 18.3 percent of the total EU fintech investments. Looking at the past 11 years, Stockholm comprises 15.9 percent of the total EU fintech investment. That puts Stockholm in the past decade as the second highest funded city in the EU after London.

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  • Rapid growth

    2010-2014 Stockholm has had a consistent major share of European investments with a compound annual growth rate of 122 %.

  • Stockholm’s contribution to European FinTech investments

    In 2014 Stockholm investments represented 18 percent of the total $1.5 billion FinTech investments across Europe.

  • Second highest in EU

    Stockholm is the second highest funded city in the EU, in the past five years.